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Housing Shortage In Reno Has Buyers Looking To Build Custom Homes 

According to the latest census report, Nevada is the fastest-growing state in the US. Reno, the third-largest city in Nevada, is undoubtedly feeling the effects of this population boom with limited housing options. What’s causing the popularity and home shortages in the area, and how can eager home buyers make their Reno homeownership dreams a reality?


Why build a custom home in Reno?

  1. Control the quality of the construction of your home.
  2. Design the layout that optimizing optimal happiness.
  3. Work with Eco friendly materials.
  4. Quality craftmanship and attention to detail.
  5. Choose beautiful lots and land available in Northern Nevada.
  6. Work with Reno’s top custom home builder, 35 years and running.

Reno Rises From The Ashes After The 2008 Housing Market Crash And Recession 

It’s no secret that the 2008 housing market crash and subsequent economic recession hit the Nevada area especially hard. Many jobs, homes, and businesses were lost for a time. Since then, Reno has built back better than ever. They focused on the things that already made them great and added more art, culture, diversity, and attracted some hot new businesses to the area. Nearby a Tesla battery factor and a large Apple facility moved in, bringing lots of jobs to the city. 

Why Everyone Wants To Move To Reno

Nevada has similar weather to sunny California, with 320 sunshine days a year but without the Cali price tag. There is plenty of land and opportunity to attract home buyers of all ages at more affordable price points. 

Living through a global pandemic taught many businesses that employees could work from home part-time or even full-time and still get the job done. Some have even committed to letting people work from home more often after the pandemic is over. This means that people have more freedom in where they want to live and are moving to areas they’ve always dreamed of. 

House Shortage Causes Headaches Throughout The US

Right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the US was already feeling the pangs of a housing shortage. Reno is having a tough time keeping up with demand. The pandemic forced more people indoors and had sellers feeling apprehensive about opening their homes to strangers during the crisis. 

As a result, the shortage of affordable housing options has dwindled. Prices are through the roof, with buyers putting up all-cash offers on day one of a new listing. The median home price has soared to $500,000, and there are few options available. 

Building Your Custom Home In Reno, Nevada 

Some people want to move because it’s their dream; others need to move because of forces outside their control, like a new job opportunity being far from where they live now. Either way, people will always be looking to relocate, even when home inventory is low. That’s why eager home buyers in Reno, Nevada, have started to look at building custom homes as their best option. 

A custom home means not having to accept a house that didn’t tick all the boxes for you just because it was the only one for sale at the time. It also means not having to bring in an all-cash offer with no contingencies or competing with seven other families for the house you want to buy. You can get in on the design process, make many important choices for yourself, and end up with a home that perfectly fits your needs. 

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Building Your Custom Home In Reno, Nevada

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