6 Tips to Avoid Issues When Converting Garage Space Into Office Space


Have a garage that’s currently collecting clutter? What if there was a way to put all of that wasted space to better use? If you need a home office or home workspace but are short on square footage inside your home, then converting your garage may the perfect solution. Turning a drab garage into a functional workspace can actually be pretty simple — even affordable — so long as you use tips like these to organize your home office project.

If You Don’t Have a Garage, Buy One 

That may sound silly, but if you have some extra space in your yard but don’t currently have a garage, you could always invest in a steel or wood building. If you want something sturdy, reliable, and simple to set up, then investing in a steel building is a wise move, since steel provides all of these perks and more. Wood buildings may work best for those who have extra room in their budgets to hire contractors or extra time for regular maintenance. 

If You Want Reliable Internet, Go Wireless 

Chances are, the internet signal from your home will be pretty weak in the garage. So, if your garage is not wired for its own internet connection, a mobile hotspot may be the best way to get reliable internet into your new home workspace. The costs for a jetpack or a global modem can vary, but they will be much cheaper than paying a pro to run the internet to your garage or new steel building. Plus, you may be able to write off hotspots as a business expense. 

If You Have Limited Space, Maximize It 

Maybe you don’t have a lot of room in your garage for a massive home workspace, but that doesn’t mean you can’t squeeze in an office that’s functional. Smaller home offices can be just as practical as larger ones, so long as you look for ways to make elements multifunctional. Fold-down desks and floating shelves can turn any extra nook or cranny in your home into a workspace that will keep you focused, and keep you productive working from home. 

If Your Budget Is Limited, Maximize It Too 

Having a limited budget doesn’t have to limit the functionality or style of your new home office or workspace. By using your garage instead of paying for office space, you are already making a wise financial choice, but there are other ways you can create a home office without creating a major dent in your savings. You could keep your office decor minimal, which can be good for concentration, by only picking up a work surface and a desk to get your garage project started. 

If You Need Home Office Furniture, Buy Used

Before you drop serious cash on a brand new desk, you should think about whether that’s the smartest choice for your budget. Because saving money on furniture can be really easy, especially if you opt to buy used or secondhand office pieces. Search on Craigslist for your office needs and you are bound to find less expensive options for your desk, chair, and even decor. If you have your heart set on newer items, you can also look for online promos to save. 

If You Have Leftover Clutter, Rent a Storage Unit 

Remember the clutter that was filling up your garage? Well, you definitely don’t want to bring it into your home in order to create your office. You can get your clutter and seasonal decor out of sight and out of mind by finding a storage unit. If you aren’t currently driving, you could even store your car in a secure facility to free up more space for your new home office. Of course, if you have some space to spare in your yard, this is another reason you may want to consider investing in a steel building for added storage space. 

A garage can be the perfect spot for a home office — you just need some helpful tips to avoid headaches. That way, your new home workspace can save you stress, in addition to saving you time and even money. 

By: Tina Martin

Photo Credit: Pixabay