4 Simple Steps That Can Make Over Your Bed and Bath With Style

By: Jackie Waters

Your bed and bath should be two of the most relaxing rooms in your home. If they have become spaces for clutter and chaos instead, however, it may be time for a little makeover. The good news is you don’t need major renovations to help your bedroom and bathroom look brand new. You just need to follow a few simple steps to give the rooms a fresh, clean look. 

Start With Clean and Decluttered Spaces 

If your bedroom and bathroom are cluttered, it can be hard to see the true potential of these rooms. So before you start on anything else, try taking everything out and decluttering all areas, including storage spaces. You can work on other rooms in your home later, but for now, focus your attention on your bedroom and bathroom. Separate the contents into piles of items that can can definitely stay, can definitely go, and you’re not quite sure about. To get the latter out of your rooms and off of your mind, you can rent a storage unit you make a final decision. Depending on where you’ll be renting a unit, the prices of Reno storage facilities can vary. For instance, 5’x10’ units average nearly $80 per month, but you can find one for as low as $65. Be sure to factor this expense into your overall bed and bath makeover budget. 

Change the Overall Room Color Scheme 

One small change that can make a major difference in your bedroom design is a new paint color. Since you want to keep this space relaxing enough for restful sleep, think about sticking with cool tones that will inspire a peaceful bedroom vibe, such as pale blues, light greens, and delicate pinks. If you do decide to repaint your bedroom, you should also be mindful of maintaining color flow throughout your home. Keep common walls that run through these two rooms the same color and limit any bold shades to trims and accents. Does painting your rooms sound more like a major chore than a simple home makeover task? Well, with a few DIY paint tips, and your rooms cleared out, you can achieve pro-like results with minimal time and effort. 

Add Any Removed Items Back to Rooms 

Once the fresh paint is dry, or you’ve completed a deep clean, you can start replacing any items you removed from your bedroom and bathroom. To keep yourself focused, start by moving any furniture or larger decor items, like mirrors and paintings, into your rooms first. If you need help arranging furniture, try following decorating rules to make the most out of the space in your bedroom. The placement of your bed is key to creating the right feeling in your room, but just make sure to leave some flow and space however you position it. With your current furniture back in place, you can look around to see if any additional pieces may be needed to bring style and practicality to your rooms. For example, you can add style and storage in your bathroom with a nice bar cart for makeup, an on-trend ladder for towels, or some shelving for accessories. 

Spruce Up Rooms With New Bedding and Towels 

By now, your spaces should look new. For the finishing touches on your made-over spaces, be sure to refresh those small touches, like bedding, towels, pillows and other fabrics, to really pull your new rooms together. Try layering bedding to make your bedroom look like it was decorated by a pro and to make your bed look more inviting. You may need to pick up some new throw pillows (you can find a pair on Walmart for $14.88) to achieve this look, but the result will be well worth any extra effort or expense. For curtains, rugs or towels, think about mixing patterns in the same color family to really give your rooms an upgraded and unique feel. 

Changing the look of your bedroom and bathroom doesn’t have to involve any massive changes. Try using any or all of the tips outlined above to help keep your makeover more effortless. However you decide to freshen up the look of the rooms, you’ll be pleased with the results! 

Photo Credit: Pixabay