For most homeowners in Reno, your home is likely to be the single most expensive investment you’ll make in a lifetime. Whether it’s in midtown Reno, Lemmon Valley, Spanish Springs, or anywhere else, wouldn’t you want to entrust a Reno new home builder, with skill, experience, and a proven track record, to undertake your project? But how do you find such professionals? Read on to learn how.

What to Look For

So, what should you look for when searching for a Reno new home builder to deliver you your dream home? Well, here are the top five things to consider:

  • Location

The first principle of real estate is: Location, location…location! And that holds true also for your dream home. Whether it’s at City Center, in the suburbs of Reno/Sparks metro area, in a rural community in Tahoe, in between stunning mountain views in Carson Valley, or somewhere in-between. You shouldn’t have to be content with what the builder wants to give you. Look for a builder that can provide you choice of locations for you to set-up home.

  • Architecture

You might think you love contemporary homes – and that’s what you’ll get from a builder that only specializes in contemporary architecture. However, if you give it half a chance, you may find other types of architecture more appealing. Whether that’s rustic old world, mountain modern, or a traditional look – you’ll only know it if someone with wide-ranging architectural experience enlightens you about your options.

  • Choice

Some home builders only work with a limited number of appliances, fixture, finishing or furnishing manufacturers. However, the best builders in the industry know that prospective home buyers crave for choice. Look for a builder that not only exercises great diligence in curating their bench of manufacturers, but also make sure they offer a wide selection of choices.

  • Professionalism

“Professionalism” doesn’t just mean having a wall-full of framed certificates, or a bookshelf filled with trophies – although that helps! One of the hallmarks of a true home building pro, is that they don’t try and sell you something. Instead, professionals listen to you, empathize with your situation, and then provide you resolutions – not just sell you products or services!

  • Customer Care (…not just “service”)

You may encounter a Reno new home builder who takes great pride in their customer “service” – and that’s great! When there’s an issue, you want a great service provider to resolve the problem. However, when you are paying for something as expensive as a home, you deserve more than just run of the mill “service”.

One hallmark of a professional home builder team is the care they extend to clients. Not only when resolving an issue – though that’s important! – but in proactive care to avoid issues and, if unavoidable, in actively addressing them rather than waiting for a complaint.

Never Settle

Who said finding the ideal home builder is easy – it does take effort and diligence. But it isn’t impossible. However, never settle for the first one that pops-up on a Google search. And once you’ve found your dream Reno new home builder that meets all the criteria discussed here, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your dream will soon turn to reality – in every minute detail that you dreamed it!