Dream Homes: Top Reasons for Choosing Custom Built Homes

When you buy a home or condominium unit in a pre-built project, you know exactly what you’re getting: You’ll get everything that the other 3,000 residents of that complex or townhouse neighborhood gets. Everything looks identical – from driveways to kitchens, and from the number of bedrooms to the number of stairs from one level to another. The homogeneity of a pre-constructed home doesn’t always reflect an individua’s’ lifestyle.

Why Customize?

For some Reno residents, that might not be their idea of a dream lifestyle home. If you are one of those prospective homeowners that crave individuality, then custom Reno homes are for you. Here’s why:

  • Custom homes = custom tastes and needs

If you enjoy cooking, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in your kitchen or pantry. But when your pre-built home comes with restricted-sized kitchens or storage areas, it crimps your lifestyle – a lot! The same is true with families that own multiple vehicles. With a pre-fabricated home, you’ll only park one – or perhaps two, if you’re lucky! – indoors. The others, you’ll leave exposed outdoors. A custom home plan addresses these lifestyle needs.

  • Location…location…location!

Mass-housing projects often crop-up in population-dense locations. The one-size-fits-all architecture is ideal in such areas. However, what if you wanted to choose where, in Reno/Sparks, you wanted to live – Carson Valley? Lake Tahoe? Parc Forêt at Montrêux? Only custom made Reno homes offers that choice of locations. With a pre-built housing project – you just go where the builder goes!

  • Quality and control

If you don’t like a specific brand of appliances, or where your light switches and power receptacles are, or which way the doors and windows swing or slide open, there’s not much you can do about it in mass-housing projects. But when you’re customizing your home, you control the quality of everything, down to the brand and quality of knobs on your cabinets, and locks and door handles.

  • Your budget rules

Pre-built homes have sticker prices, that typically vary little from one similar unit to another. However, when you customize your home, you choose feature and functionality based on your budget. The great thing about having such flexibility is, that in future, if you decide to add more features, you can do so on your own time. With many pre-built condominium projects, owners are severely restricted in what they can and can’t add-on to the original home specs.

  • Efficiency and elegance

Off-the-shelf home builders typically watch for “margins”. They won’t do anything that’ll push the price point beyond a certain limit, or else they might not sell as many standard units quickly. When it comes to customizing a home, you – the homeowner – decide what’s elegant for you, how energy efficient you want your home to be, and whether you want an “intelligent” home or just plain-vanilla internet-accessible home. Your budget, and not the builders margins, determine what the final product looks like.

It’s about freedom

The freedom to choose square footage, number of bedrooms, location of your kitchen, how many bathrooms you want, how large a driveway you have – these are choices that pre-built, mass-produced homes won’t offer you. So, if you want the freedom of choice in building your dream home, then choosing custom made Reno homes is for you.