As a resident of Reno, while driving around town, have you noticed similarities and differences that of noticed: Do you drive the same model car as your next-door neighbor? Is your deck and fencing the same as the Jones’ down the block? Is your wardrobe synchronized with the person living 4-homes away from you? The answer is – probably not! So, why, then, should your home look and feel the same as those in and around you?

It should not. And only an experienced Reno contractor, specializing in custom-made homes, can ensure it never does!

Looking Beyond Four Walls

Here’s one common misconception that existing and prospective homeowners have: Buying a house is different from owning a home. What typifies a house are four walls and the rooms and amenities inside it. Every mass-scale housing project embodies those characteristics. Most condominium and high-rise construction companies embrace that model: Design once – build a hundred-times over!

The result? Identical layouts, the same windows, similar kitchens and baths, and uniform ceilings, lighting fixtures and bathroom fittings. Your, and your family’s, personality merges with that of your next-door neighbor, the Jones’ down the block, and the family living 4-homes from you! The Reno house you’re looking at isn’t really your Reno dream home.

Customizing Your Dream Home

It takes a seasoned Reno contractor to transform owning a house into home ownership. And they do this by creating a unique living environment personifying your and your family’s tastes, personalities and likes. It is that customized environment which brings satisfaction and joy to being in your home. Unlike the design-once-build-100 approach used in mass-produced houses, customized homes deliver a personalized experience through unique features, including:

  • Exterior design
  • Interior layout
  • Tailored use of floor space, including size and shape of each room
  • Higher-quality fixtures and fittings
  • Personalized paint and wallpaper
  • Individual choices in rugs, carpets, and flooring

Working with a custom home building Reno contractor empowers homeowners with decision-making abilities that dictate every aspect of the home’s design. From the type of door handles and locks, to the shape, shade and tint of glass used on the windows. That’s a sharp contrast to the mass-produced houses all around Reno. The design-once-build-once approach guarantees that your custom home reflects your personality, values and living preferences.

Customizing Quality

Quality home building doesn’t just happen. It takes a seasoned team of experts, from varying home-building disciplines, to create high-quality homes. Some mass-produced house building contractors sell the idea of “customization” in the form of choices in kitchen sinks or the color of light switches. That’s not true customization – it’s simply choice about minor features.

A custom home Reno contractor, on the other hand, first assembles a team of architects, interior designers, builders, electricians, painters, and roofers. Then, every aspect of the project occurs in consultation with the homeowner. From interior and external designs to paint selection, and from size and location of kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms, to which way your windows and doors face.   Custom-built homes, residences, and commercial buildings aren’t just places where you stay and work. They’re spaces where you live, relax, unwind, and get inspired.