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Reno is becoming popular for many out-of-state transplants looking for tranquility and jobs in the state of Nevada who choose to bypass Las Vegas. Reno boasts a quiet atmosphere, relaxed pace of life, great weather, jobs, and close proximity to National Parks. The vibe in Reno is completely different to Las Vegas and it offers big-town opportunities while preserving its small-town charm. If you want to build a house in the Reno area, you can choose from dozens of different neighborhoods. We’re experienced in custom home building Reno NV and we can help you build your house in the city or outside the city limits.

When you live in Reno, you’re always within a 30-minute drive away from top notch ski resorts (there are 18 ski resorts in the area), plus the shores of Lake Tahoe are less than an hour away. You can enjoy a weekend on the lake or go rafting on the Truckee River. Reno also has gaming roots, as there are plenty of casinos to choose from in the area.

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Whether you want to raise a family in Reno or you want to own an investment property in a booming estate market, Reno has you covered. You can build your home next to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains or maybe close to your job at the Tesla Gigafactory. The average home in Reno costs 50% more than the national average and it has always been a sellers market. If you build your own home in Reno, the chances you’ll sell it for a higher price are almost certain. Here are some top areas to consider buying a property or building a house in:

1) Midtown Reno

This area is one of the liveliest and trendiest in the city. It has the highest young adult and student population in the city, with a unique mix of bars, restaurants, and shops that make it popular. The neighborhood has a mix of old and new buildings, some dating back to the 30s.

Midtown has free-spirited and artsy residents that enjoy high walkability due to a developed pedestrian infrastructure. If you live in Midtown, you can easily walk to the next gallery art display or antique store. This is also one of the most expensive areas to build a home in Northern Nevada, with average prices ranging between $500K-1M.

2) Lemmon Valley

Lemmon Valley is located in the northern suburbs of Reno and is one of the best places to build a house and raise a family. If you want safety, access to nature, schools, and a short commute – this is the place to be. Real estate in the area is mostly comprised of single-family homes and some parts are rural (although this is changing due to increase in demand). The neighborhood has a very low crime rate and you can be in town in less than 15 minutes. The median home value in the area is around $400,000.

3) Spanish Springs

Spanish Springs (east and west) are a set of different neighborhoods located a 20-minute drive from Downtown Reno. This is a relatively new area where most homes were built during the last 20 years and it’s geared towards families and young adults. The neighborhoods are safe and comprised of large single-family houses. There are also convenient shopping centers that will cover your needs without having to commute to the city.

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Most properties in this neighborhood have at least 1-2 acres of land and horsing culture is popular in the area. There are also convenient trails for horse riding. The median home value in Spanish Springs is now close to $500,000.