Wood and wood-look materials are an incredibly popular design category for flooring products, as shown through research from Home Innovation Research Labs and the National Wood Flooring Association. However, it’s also incredibly broad, with a diversity of choices to make and trends to follow.

Does your project call for solid hardwood, or should you choose another material? How does vinyl or porcelain or pressed bamboo compare to natural wood, as far as performance and aesthetics? Will buyers prefer wide or thin planks, and what colors, stains and species are they looking for? Will they need to perform maintenance? Are the boards or tiles easy to clean?

We’ve highlighted a few of the latest wood flooring products and their properties, starting with solid and engineered hardwood varieties and moving through porcelain, vinyl, bamboo and solid surfacing.

Anderson Tuftex

Mystique hardwood flooring features an engineered maple base with a painted, distressed surface texture and UV aluminum oxide finish. It is available in five color palettes with contrasting high and low tones in blue, brown, and gray.

The planks measure 5 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick, with long, random lengths. Each one features a micro-beveled edge.

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