Your clients count on you to be an expert in remodeling and, as part of that expertise, to provide them with suggestions for smart ways to add value to their project. Even if a design change or a product upgrade would increase the total investment, you should give your clients the information so that they can make an informed decision.

I’m sure you’ve had a client who’s given you the absolute, “not-to-exceed” budget early in the process but increased that set limit when presented with an idea for improvement that just made sense. Increased budgets can happen more often than you think if you present the right options.

By sharing your expertise and presenting alternatives in design and products, you’ll allow your clients to understand more about the possibilities that exist to improve their home. At the same time, this “upselling” will increase the overall price of the project, delivering greater profits for you and your company.

Let me give you an example of a simple upgrade that many clients would immediately approve. We recently visited National Gypsum, in Charlotte, NC. To tell you the truth, I’ve never given a lot of thought to drywall. To me, it was all the same. But during this tour of one of the country’s largest drywall manufacturers, I found out how wrong I was. . . and how companies like National Gypsum are helping remodelers differentiate their companies from so many others.

First, their flagship product, XP Drywall is amazing. Not only does it offer the advantage of traditional drywall which is moisture-resistant, it also had mold and mildew resistance, which means extra protection and a lot less worrying about whether mold is growing throughout your house!  I can’t think of any homeowner who wouldn’t be delighted to spend a slightly larger investment in their remodeling project to stay as far away from mold as they can!

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