How to Have an Organized Home Without an Optimum Budget

By: Jackie Waters

We all want to live in a clean and clutter-free home, but we also want to buy things, even when we don’t need them. Unless you find that you can curb your shopping habits, you’ll have to figure out a way to store your stuff without letting it take over your house. If you don’t have $50 an hour to spend on a home organization specialist, you’ll have to do it yourself. However, it doesn’t have to be a months-long process that requires you to get rid of every one of your beloved items. Here’s how to do it:


Let some things go


This first tip is the most obvious. If you want less clutter in your home, you have to have fewer things. The good news is that you can turn your excess into extra cash. Items like electronics, books, clothing, and toys are always in demand and some of the hottest-selling items at yard sales. These unofficial markets are part of what’s known as the second-hand economy, which also includes selling online and donating your hand-me-downs to friends and family. If you’re having trouble deciding what goes, pick it up. If it leaves an outline of dust or you don’t remember buying it, you don’t need it.


DIY double storage space


Closet organization systems are great, and they can give you twice as much room as a traditional closet set-up, but these can cost hundreds of dollars. Instead, create extra closet storage with a tension-mounted shower curtain rod as a second hanging area, which will instantly double your closet space. Another relatively straightforward project is building a bookcase. One of the best places to do this is by a window, since you can add a reading nook to your design. It’s not hard to do yourself — this tutorial from shows you how.


Conquer the kids’ rooms


Kids have even more stuff than adults, and in most children’s rooms, the stuffed animals have long taken over. As cute as they are, these huggable and lovable companions do little more than get in the way. A few practical toy storage solutions for them include building a shelf above the bed, adding a shoe organizer behind the bedroom door for small stuffed animals, or hanging a DIY stuffed animal swing, which is made out of rope and a few small pieces of wood.


Add a storage shed


A storage shed is not necessarily an inexpensive investment. However, you can usually find a small outbuilding at the hardware store. Lowe’s offers instructions on how to install a shed foundation (which could also be used as a foundation for an outdoor playhouse). If you already have a level and unused spot on the patio, add a small resin storage shed, which may set you back as little as $450.


Update the kitchen


You don’t have to remodel your kitchen to enjoy additional storage and better organization, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money doing it. A simple Command hook on the interior of the cabinet door can hide your cleaning gloves. If you have an island and an extra foot or so on the end, a small shelf can easily be home to the toaster, waffle iron, and other small appliances you don’t use every day. When your built-in pantry is too small, consider converting a hallway linen closet into additional food storage and moving the towels under the bathroom sink. Extra sheets can be folded flat and left between their intended bed and its foundation.


You don’t have to have a huge budget to have a big impact on the storage capacity of your home. With a few clever hacks and the willpower to part with things you don’t really need, you can have a house that Marie Kondo would be proud of.

Image via Pixabay