Nine Water-Saving Products That Meet Strict Standards

According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, almost 45% of California experienced moderate, severe, or extreme drought this summer. All of the state’s coastal cities are experiencing drought or abnormal dryness, with Southern California hardest hit by severe and extreme drought conditions. In addition, the abnormally dry weather and vegetation has fueled destructive wildfires.

In response, manufacturers are stepping up to the plate with innovative products that meet strict standards of water consumption. These nine products offer homeowners comfort and convenience while helping them conserve resources and save money.


Niagara Conservation’s Nano Toilet uses vacuum-assist technology for an average of 0.6 gallons per flush. WaterSense certified and MaP premium rated, the toilet is touted as one of the most water-efficient toilet fixtures on the market. The Nano’s compact design is ideal for tight spaces or tiny homes, the company says, while its elongated bowl preserves user comfort. The toilet also includes a noise-cancelling water tank and 10-year warranty.