Interior Design Trends for Fall 2018


As the weather changes and we find ourselves entering fall, design projects, renovations and redecorations gear up for this stylish season. From curved sofas to black accents in the kitchen to a rising global nomadic style, we take a look at the biggest trends in the interior design world for fall 2018.


“Curved sofas solve many ‘age old design dilemmas.’ First, you never have to look at the flat ugly back of a sofa again. Second, conversation in the area is now oriented where everyone seated on the sofa can see each other instead of the side of each other’s heads! Third, the organic curve adds harmony and order to the room instead of just a flat-lined sofa. The Victorian era was the best illustration of curved sofas. During that time women couldn’t move easily in their dresses, so curved sofas added comfort to the living room conversations. We chose a curved sofa for this room since it is a room of social gathering with bar cabinets flanking each side of a wood-burning fireplace. The design of the room draws you into it… and makes you never want to leave!” — Emily Mackie, Inspired InteriorsCourtsey of Inspired Interiors


“Often, people find it comforting to be surrounded by neutrals. Layering in texture, colors found in nature, simple shapes and metal finishes can elevate a standard neutral palette to create a more modern, neutral space.” — Tiffany Leblanc of LeBlanc Design, LLCCourtesy of LeBlanc Design, LLC

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