Homeowners are Ready to Ditch All-White Kitchens, Survey Find

Ashton Woods recently polled 1,400 prospective home buyers to identify the most prominent trends across several topics of home design—ranging from customization and room layouts to fixtures and finishes.

The company’s 2018 Ashton Woods National Homebuyer Survey determined that personalized design options were a leading consideration for three-fourths of buyers when selecting a builder, and that buyers’ existing kitchens, master bathrooms, and backyards were the top spaces they seek to upgrade.

According to the results, here are the highlights of what’s in and what’s on its way out:

– Though current trends still point to white kitchens across design shows and blogs, participants said they preferred natural wood kitchen cabinets over the all-white look.
– Future home buyers are saying yes to hardwood flooring and no to carpet.
– The shower-tub combo in the master suite is being replaced with more luxurious options—such as a walk-in shower sans bathtub, or a separate bathtub and shower.
– Participants prefer rustic wood elements found in the ever-popular farmhouse style, but are less favoring of industrial elements.
– When it comes to metal finishes, brushed nickel continues to lead buyer preference.
– Participants preferred transitional and rustic interior design styles, followed by traditional, farmhouse, and contemporary. Bohemian, coastal, and Scandinavian styles were the least popular aesthetics among the survey’s participants.

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