Until recently, health rarely was a part of a home buyer’s search criteria, nor was it part of a builder’s design set. But now, as consumers, we have endless access to data and technology that put our health more in our control than ever, helping us understand the nuances of our health, along with how we can impact it.

And, every day this whole circulation of data and health gets more complicated. In a recent article from Modern Healthcare,Doug Beaudoin, vice chairman, US Life Sciences & Health Care leader, Deloitte LLP explores what healthcare will look like in 2040.

Beaudoin not only says that data will be hosted on more inter-operable and secure platforms, but the stakeholders will evolve to have different, more collaborative relationships.

He also talks about the emergence of information markets – ways that technology will be able to harvest consumer data, and then the consumer will have control over selling it to better serve themselves. The risk involved, and a risk that exists today, is maintaining the privacy and security of the information. This risk presented by the collaborations that feed it, has the potential to be solved in the future with new technologies, like blockchain.

Beaudoin actually envisions ways that health care innovators will be able to build virtual models of consumers to evaluate health solutions. His colleague, Sarah Thomas, the managing director at Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, points out that it’s clear that consumers are interested in getting care where they live, work, and play and avoiding care in traditional settings, including the home.

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