Demand for Metal Roofing Grows in States Threatened by Climate Extremes

Metal roofing is growing in popularity across the country, particularly in states that experience severe climate conditions, according to figures reported by the Metal Roofing Alliance (MRA). Florida, Pennsylvania, California, New York, and North Carolina are the top states for interest in metal roofing, the MRA finds, with Texas also showing strong interest.

In addition to representing major population hubs, the five states all have experienced increasingly severe weather and extreme climate conditions. Wildfires, hurricanes, and ice dams caused by polar vortex winter weather have made all-season durability and performance a top priority for roofs among homeowners. The demand for metal roofing is particularly high among those looking to repair or rebuild after a climate-related disaster, the MRA reports. The MRA says metal roofing is popular in extreme climate regions because of its longevity, its high fire-protection safety rating, and its resilience against wind, hail, and heavy snow.

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