6 tips for maximizing small-space storage

As millennials pack into smaller homes, the need to get creative with modest living spaces has become paramount. Even with limited square footage, there are plenty of design hacks to maximize the space you’ve got, from moveable walls and sliding power sockets to hidden beds. Clever, readymade furniture pieces are also worth investing in, as they pack in as much functionality as possible.

But as design experts will tell you, storage should be one of your biggest concerns when outfitting a small home. Curbed spoke with designers at Ollie, the micro-apartment co-living company, and Affordable Interior Design, a New York firm that’s no stranger to the tiny apartment, on how to tackle storage when you don’t have much room to spare. From taking inventory of your belongings to tricking out the closets, here are six solutions for packing away all your stuff.

Take stock of your belongings and your space

When downsizing, take stock of what you have. This step is essential in creating a storage plan for your new digs, says Jacqueline Schmidt, Ollie’s director of design: “You’ll find in the process of creating storage solutions, you may not need all the stuff you have to store.”

Before investing in furniture or tackling a design project, assess just how much of your stuff you will keep. Let go of the rest, or consolidate. Then determine how much space you will need. As Schmidt puts it, “There’s a psychology to it…What are you storing? If you need a cleaning supply cabinet, you’ll need to know the size and amount of supplies you use so everything will fit.”

Once you’ve inventoried your belongings, take a look at your space. “Determine what functions you’ll actually need to do in each room,” says Betsy Helmuth, owner of Affordable Interior Design.

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